We are proud holders of an Outstanding Quality Marque for our Claims service in the London Market.

We are proud to have received an Outstanding service rating from specialist Claims Brokers in the 2016 Gracechurch Claims Survey. The service rating is awarded on an annual basis to syndicates who are proven to deliver consistently above-average service.

We would like to thank our brokers for commending our Claims Service, we work hard to deliver a first class service and appreciate the positive feedback

Our Outstanding rating reflects our strong performance with Brokers in the Gracechurch London Claims Report:

• Our Excellence: over 25% of service ratings in the excellent range (9/10 or higher)

• Our Consistency: fewer than 1 in 20 service interactions with our team are rated less than 6/10

• Our Service: above average ratings across all service metrics and Top 5 scores in Speed of service, Communication, Responsiveness, Technical Ability and Empathy

Gracechurch is the leading specialist London Market research consultancy, and award their Quality Marque annually to London Market claims teams, who have consistently delivered service which is above and beyond the market average.  To find out more about the Gracechurch Quality Marque, please click here. 

Find out more about the Gracechurch Quality Marque